Maitresse AVA
Maitresse AVA Qui suis-je mistress AVA
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confession erotique
mistress AVA
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Banniere de dominatrice paris

dominatrice paris, maitresse ava, superbe maitresse pour esclave-soumis masochiste, homme-objet de plaisir acceptant tout fétichisme du cuir, du pied et du talon aiguille, cuirvinyle sexy-class, humiliations sévères, punitions dures, contrat définitif, chaînes glacées, don de soi, longs face-sitting, pénétrations profondes, féminisation fatale, viols répétés exercés sur homme attaché ou séquestré, domination du sexe - et tout ce qui peut plaire à Mademoiselle Ava Swann, maitresse domina de possession extrême.

Ecume des jours

Paris, sunday morning

Tonight I met Michael for the first time and my pleasure was tremendously great. As soon as he came into my flat, I ordered this charming thirty-two year boy to kneel down in front of me and to undress, fully naked! Then my nails caught firmly his nipples and pressured then intensively. Tied up with a collar, I used the leash to make him toddle along like a sweet obedient little dog.
Next I forced him to lie on his back and I lay upon him with all the strength of my body magnified by a black Saint Laurent suit, skin-coloured lingerie and polished pumps.
Michael was on the verge to explode, so I ordered him to calm down. I wanted the pleasure to last long! I strived to enjoy, as long as possible, this new brown-haired and green-eyed boy with his pleasant cock and his wide catlike eyes.
During two consequent hours, my pleasure disposed of Michael. He was completely at my disposal. I lashed him, spanked him, rolled him around, punished him, toyed him, stroked him, penetrated him like a girl.

Ava Swann
Banniere de dominatrice paris
Maitresse WS